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Stolen from Zeb’s site. Pretty sure they’re the SSR Mk-1s he’s got on his GX rite meow.


Grant Scott; who happens to be an affiliate of mine, rad drifter, and awesome photographer posted an article featuring JohnZoku’s and his mate Zac’s MA61(s). I have only chatted with John a few times over the interwebz but he seems to be quite knowledgable and quite the radman that his cars, blog, and lifestyle portray. I was very excited to see another MA61 that has fallen in the correct hands, these Aus guys really know how to do it. (more…)

Dish of the Day: 12j 225/40

Posted: April 29, 2011 by nudriftr in Dish of the Day, WheelWhore
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Another stolen pic from Fonzy’s Stretched Tires album. A pair of his 14x12j SSR Mk1s with some 225/40 T1Rs stretched on, hence the album’s name.