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Grant Scott; who happens to be an affiliate of mine, rad drifter, and awesome photographer posted an article featuring JohnZoku’s and his mate Zac’s MA61(s). I have only chatted with John a few times over the interwebz but he seems to be quite knowledgable and quite the radman that his cars, blog, and lifestyle portray. I was very excited to see another MA61 that has fallen in the correct hands, these Aus guys really know how to do it. (more…)


Zeb posted this car, taking a wild guess and calling it a C210(or 211) Skyline 2000 GT-EL. Reason I say that is because of the bumper design, the bodyline that flows with the front bumper, rectangle headlights, and the windows resemble that of a C210 – so I’m gonna go ahead and call it a C211 2000 GT-EL 😉

In addition to the observations listed above I spy a slit spoiler, SSR Mk-2s, and Vitaloni Californian mirrors. Not to mention the shark-nose conversion, chin spoiler, and trunk wing.

Random: Kyusha Butaketsu

Posted: May 4, 2011 by nudriftr in Cars, Random
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Found this picture of a Kyu-sha style C130 Laurel squattin’ on what looks like SSR Mk-2’s. I luv me sumuv’ dem big booty Bustaketsus!

The picture itself doesn’t show too much but from here we can see it’s a SGX meaning it’s the hardtop coupe with IRS instead of the sedan’s live axle/leaf spring combo. Also we can see it’s got a newer exhaust with dual exits, tires with a nice amount of stretch, and a pair of chrome fender mirrors to compliment the fresh paint job.
This is all I have for right now but you guys all know if I find another picture a follow-up will be in order 😉