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Pretty sure I featured this car a while back, but I’m too lazy to search. This car is a local legend here in the NW drift community; in it’s prime it was spewing smoke rom the rear arches all thanks to a 22R-TE that was generous enough to supply the driven wheels with 350 ponies. It was driven hard and parked even harder; behind a tree with a melted piston that is. It is on our list of up coming projects as soon as we can finish Eddie’s other Celicas and open up some shop space as well as get rid of the lingering problems known as Nissans. Spotted in the background  is Eddie’s infamous Mark II wagon, featured in the FEB ’11 issue of Super Street.


Found this picture on a build thread, Team OUTRAGE’s red zoku-sha style MarkII. Honestly, if it wasnt for the white car in the background I would’ve never guessed they were drifting.

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I saw Marvis post this the other day, kind of dope! C34 Laurel on some 15x8j +10 and 15x9j -0 SSR Mk-3s and SSR reverse mesh respectively.

Up and coming Formula D driver Walker Wilkerson definitely impressed the world with his performance at the first round of the 2011 season in Long Beach, CA. His aggressive driving and explosive style landed him 7th in qualifying and ranking 11th overall. (more…)

Random: Sliding Soarer

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This reflective little lemon drop of a Soarer is soooo fucking dope! I love everything about this car, including the rad tail lights!!


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So far this car has had two Flashbacks. Except this second time it’s not really the exact same car, kinda.

You mad, bro? I know you are! You’ve been talking about JZX-chassis forever!! Fuck it; this JZ-powered, 4-door whore, bling-bling wheel filled post is for you William! (more…)