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Just a random snap of a C210 Skyline sedan, majority of this car looks to be custom. Graphed and molded trunk spoiler, slit spoiler, rear light panel, shark-nose conversion, with a nice touch of gangsta – Vitaloni Californians.


Aaron of Shakotan Garage posted this pic up way back when he first became an official distributor of Hayashi Racing wheels. Mango on Hayashi streets with bubble flares and fender mirrors, ahhh hawtsecks.

I’ve recently found more pictures of a C110 Skyline previously posted by Speedhunters. I remember seeing this thing on some random post schooling noobs on chassis codes. This Kenmeri on deep-dish Yayois is one car that stood out. I was on an Aussie forum/blog the other day and a picture of this car was posted. (more…)

How would you like to look at pictures of pictures of a third-gen Mazda Cosmo, HB Cosmo to be exact. Herra frush deep dish wheels, hippari race slicks, fucken’ buble flares. Not gonna lie, I’d mob it – not to mention it was the fastest Japanese production car of its time.

Random: AW11 out the HI

Posted: May 2, 2011 by nudriftr in Cars, Random
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A HachiRoku.Net member from Hawaii posted this picture of his wife’s AW11 on the left. Don’t have much specs on it but I sent him a PM asking for more pictures, the things I do for you guys 😉

Okay, this time it really is random. No, really. I was just being hella bored an clicking through the blogroll of a couple certain blogs and started realizing there’s a lot of local blogs, and I know half of the writers! Anyways, long story short I was sifting through TeamTuck‘s blog and came upon these pictures they posted last week. They actually posted it in honor of my favorite holiday! (more…)


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I don’t remember if I ever posted this picture on here or if it was on Facebook but I’ll be damned! A shakotan S14. With molded flares. And hippari tires on wide wheels. WUTDAFUCK! (more…)