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Pretty sure I featured this car a while back, but I’m too lazy to search. This car is a local legend here in the NW drift community; in it’s prime it was spewing smoke rom the rear arches all thanks to a 22R-TE that was generous enough to supply the driven wheels with 350 ponies. It was driven hard and parked even harder; behind a tree with a melted piston that is. It is on our list of up coming projects as soon as we can finish Eddie’s other Celicas and open up some shop space as well as get rid of the lingering problems known as Nissans. Spotted in the background  is Eddie’s infamous Mark II wagon, featured in the FEB ’11 issue of Super Street.


It’s been a long time

Posted: September 8, 2011 by nudriftr in Cars, News, Random, Uncategorized, Worklogs

I shouln’t have left y’all 😥 but I’ve been busy wrenching away at some of my other projects. Some may not understand my love for these other projects but once you start, you can’t stop. Don’t worry though! I have a bunch of material I’ve been gathering to post during the Fall/Winter while I’m in class. For now here’s some eye candy that”s related to my current projects.

I’ll post up pics of my own in the coming months; I don’t want to showcase them until they’re completely done 😉

Blog Updates/Worklogs

Posted: May 16, 2011 by nudriftr in Blog Updates, Worklogs

Just updated two of the Corolla worklogs as well as changed the password for the Worklog section. It may seem like a dick move to have them password protected but the cars in there have unbelievable amounts of love and dedication built into them and we don’t want just anybody to have access to those builds because as we all know fanboys and biters exist and are appearing in record numbers…. jk but srsly I’m here to support the culture, not exploit it. So if I feel you have any reason to be following these builds I will personally tell you the password to the Worklogs section.

Builds Abroad

Posted: March 2, 2011 by nudriftr in Builds Abroad, Cars, Uncategorized, Worklogs

Most of my time is spent either masterbating on chatroulette or trolling on 4chan, if  I’m not doing either of those then I’m most likely surfing random forums for new and innovative builds. My car(s) would not be what they are if it weren’t for forums like, Club4AG, Dorikaze, AEU86, AE86DC, and DriftWorks among many other American-based, as well as international, boards. (more…)