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Stolen from Zeb’s site. Pretty sure they’re the SSR Mk-1s he’s got on his GX rite meow.


Grant Scott; who happens to be an affiliate of mine, rad drifter, and awesome photographer posted an article featuring JohnZoku’s and his mate Zac’s MA61(s). I have only chatted with John a few times over the interwebz but he seems to be quite knowledgable and quite the radman that his cars, blog, and lifestyle portray. I was very excited to see another MA61 that has fallen in the correct hands, these Aus guys really know how to do it. (more…)

Dish of the Day: SSR Defi!

Posted: May 23, 2011 by nudriftr in Dish of the Day, WheelWhore
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Definitely one of my favorite all-time wheels is the SSR Defi from their sport-racing line. Owner of IFINITWHEELS, Anthony, had these on his EK Civic along with various other wheels from SSR EX-C fins to Volk C1s.

Anthony was also kind enough to post pictures of his Wall of Fame and spare parts collection! (more…)

Zeb’s new fitment, shits so sick.

I bet you thought you were looking at some super deep Advans didn’t ya?? Nahhhhhh nga, these are some Lodio Drive made by Super Star Wheel co. of Japan, Lodio Drives are actually supposed to be for 4×4 vehicles… but I guess not these. (more…)

These aren’t necessarily deep dish but their rarity is like no other. This is a wheel out of SSR’s Longchamp line, very similar to the XR-4s but produced and sold in lower numbers. These particular ones are 15x7j +12 at all 4 corners, omnomnomnom!

Dish of the Day: 10j SSR Mk-1

Posted: May 7, 2011 by nudriftr in Dish of the Day, WheelWhore
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Just a pair of rims I found on YAJ – 14x10j SSR Mk-1s offset unknown.