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Roll Hard or Roll Home


Grant Scott; who happens to be an affiliate of mine, rad drifter, and awesome photographer posted an article featuring JohnZoku’s and his mate Zac’s MA61(s). I have only chatted with John a few times over the interwebz but he seems to be quite knowledgable and quite the radman that his cars, blog, and lifestyle portray. I was very excited to see another MA61 that has fallen in the correct hands, these Aus guys really know how to do it. (more…)

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Mike of Garage Slipway picked up a JZX90 Mark II not too long ago and plans to drift the bitch! I personally find that awesome. Less talk, moar piktarz! (more…)

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Just two cars that caught my eye, not necessarily Bosozoku or Zoku-sha or anything else but a lot of bosozoku/zoku-sha/garuchan cars take styling from race-purpose built cars like the two below.

Bandai/Dunlop Super GT SC430

Race-inspired SA22C

Zeb posted this car, taking a wild guess and calling it a C210(or 211) Skyline 2000 GT-EL. Reason I say that is because of the bumper design, the bodyline that flows with the front bumper, rectangle headlights, and the windows resemble that of a C210 – so I’m gonna go ahead and call it a C211 2000 GT-EL 😉

In addition to the observations listed above I spy a slit spoiler, SSR Mk-2s, and Vitaloni Californian mirrors. Not to mention the shark-nose conversion, chin spoiler, and trunk wing.

Some old school love from across the pond – New Zealand. Twin MS50 Crowns, MS53(wagon) and MS55(sedan) to be all technical. A good friend of mine is a Crown king!! I hope to be on his level one day but that’ll never happen, he’s Russian.

There’s a MS65 for sale locally, the owner wants to trade me it for a lathe I got in storage… I wish I could 😦

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I saw Marvis post this the other day, kind of dope! C34 Laurel on some 15x8j +10 and 15x9j -0 SSR Mk-3s and SSR reverse mesh respectively.