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Pretty sure I featured this car a while back, but I’m too lazy to search. This car is a local legend here in the NW drift community; in it’s prime it was spewing smoke rom the rear arches all thanks to a 22R-TE that was generous enough to supply the driven wheels with 350 ponies. It was driven hard and parked even harder; behind a tree with a melted piston that is. It is on our list of up coming projects as soon as we can finish Eddie’s other Celicas and open up some shop space as well as get rid of the lingering problems known as Nissans. Spotted in the background  is Eddie’s infamous Mark II wagon, featured in the FEB ’11 issue of Super Street.


Daily Shakotan: AW yeah!

Posted: September 8, 2011 by nudriftr in Cars, Daily Shakotan
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Pardon me if I’ve posted this before, but I LOVE the motorFIX AW11!

I featured one of these pics a couple months back in the Wordplay: Tsuraichi post, found some more pics. This one’s for you Z.DUNN!

Just two pics of a clean Buick Century, erm I mean 430 Cedric. Not quite sure what those wheels are but if they were just a tad bit wider they would look right at home on this car. Another few things I noticed were the chrome fender mirrors, polished rain visors, heart-shaped tsurikawa, and the Carrozzeria speakers on the rear parcel.

I think it was Yuta that posted these photos of another regular meet at Daikoku Futo in Yokohama. These twin GX71s were among the crowd of sick cars – one is obviously a Mark II and the other is a toss up between a Chaser or Mark II, probably the latter. (more…)

LOLWUT, did you really think I would mistake this thing for an ugly USDM counterpart? GTFO, that nose is unforgetable. GX71 Mark II sitting on old school fins, probably Weds or Volk Rays. Love the two-tone! (more…)

Remember those SSR Jilbas I posted last week? Yeah, this is the car they came off. I wish I had more pictures but for now I’ll just post what i got. C130 Laurel SGX 🙂