Haigaiz I’m Gabe Rawriguez and reside in the great Pacific Northwest of the US. I’m one of those humble grassroots type of guys that keep to themselves and likes weird things; one of those things being J-tin – especially when they’re low and gangster!! Anyone can tell you I’m a Toyota guy and always will be, Corollas are my main thing but I got a sweet spot for Crowns too.. and Coronas.. and Celicas.. and Carinas.. and Crestas aswell.. Chasers.. Supras.. Soarers too, I like ’em all dammit! This blog is a reflection of my automotive lifestyle choice; also check out what my buddies are into by tuning into their blogs via the blogroll

ShakotanJam!(SJ!) is mainly about vintage Japanese cars and the street culture that is “Bakusozoku”, or better known as BosoZoku. Another thing covered in this blog is grassroots drifting, awsome wheels, rad foreign nic-naks, and a bunch of other weird shit – because I’m weird. So you got low cars, extravagant aero, wide wheels, crazy exhausts, crazier drivers, and crazier-er random shit – what the hell more could you ask for?

-Gabe Rawriguez

  1. Kane_K11_Knight says:

    Hey there, I just wanted to thank you for making this page. It has helped me to learn a whole lot more about the car culture seen in Japan as it is a big inspiration to me. Even though I reside in the UK I have a massive place in my heart for Japan, My car is currently a 2000 Nissan Micra K11 2nd Gen and I am hoping to go for a Bosozoku style in some aspects.

    I was also wondering if you guys did stickers? I’m trying to find some proper Japanese style vinyls for my car, and it’d be amazing to rep your site 🙂

    Much love and many thanks,

    • nudriftr says:

      ey Kane! Much love and thanks for the support! It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog due to investing much time into other areas of my life but this post has inspired me to pick it back up! I’m currently all out of stickers but will have some more after the new year, so check back with me then! Also if you’re on Facebook feel free to head on over to our page and give us a like! I will be posting a large majority of updates there!


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